Offering both One2One and small group personal training focused on motivating, teaching and progression. We recognise that everyone has their own individual goals and objectives - training programs are designed bespoke to you addressing the targets you want to reach. 

Packages include:-

  • Initial consultation to discuss your objectives and goals

  • Body Statistics Assessment

  • Calorie & Macro Nutrient Analysis Report

  • Full tracking and accountability with your own personalised Alba PT client area.

  • Access to your training programme online (via app or browser)


Strength & Conditioning for the physical and psychological development of our  clients specifically aimed to improve sports performance.  Strength and conditioning will help an athlete become faster, stronger, more flexible whilst increasing endurance and helping them remain injury free.


Experienced in pre and post natal training - we aim to prepare you for giving birth throughout the three trimesters and then get you back into shape and feeling great after pregnancy.  We offer our services throughout the entire pregnancy. We will guide you safely through each trimester getting your body and mind into the best shape ready for birth.

We take into consideration all the benefits and concerns of exercise during pregnancy along with the physiological, cardiovascular and respiratory changes and acknowledge the alterations to structure and alignment of the body.


Prioritising client care and ensuring that any exercise programme undertaken should first and foremost be safe and effective for the individual and their needs.
Alba PT believes that exercise can improve anyone’s quality of life- from pain-management, weight-loss to gaining strength. Whether you have a pre-existing medical condition, need to reduce the risk of developing a condition or you just want to feel stronger, fitter and healthier, we are here to build your confidence and will support you every step of the way.
Each session is individually tailored to the client’s specific physical and emotional needs - including those outlined by patients GP or physiotherapist. The sessions focus on developing strength, increasing fitness and aiding people in managing health-conditions.


After consultation and fully understanding the individual's goals and lifestyle, we form and generate a perfect dietary plan to ensure you will reach maximum results in a specific time. 

We analyse the clients calorie and nutrient intake and form a healthy customized dietery plan taking into consideration any adjustments necessary for each client.  Then we examine your results and gains after a specific period making any necessary adjustments to your diet depending on how the dietery plan is reacting to your results. Further assessments will be taken place thereafter.


Our online programmes provide you with ALL the elements required for you to achieve your own incredible transformation. You receive all the benefits of having a fitness professional program, monitor, guide and deliver your training routine and nutrition, all from the comfort of your own home.
Your individualised training program is tailored to your specific circumstances, if you have fitness equipment like resistance bands, heart rate monitors, dumbbells available that is great, if not your training plan will incorporate your fitness goals with what you DO have available.
Have access to your personal trainer 24/7 and have the ability to train anywhere at a time suited to you!